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Saturday, September 9, 2006 / Ishan

Blogging A Career? Not In India, Atleast Now!

A recent seminar of Bloggers were held in Bangalore. It was apparently a very succesful event and congratulations to the organizers. I did not participated in it, cause I wasn’t aware. Even if I would have been I would have not attended. Blogging is good and most of us do it primarily as an expression, we don’t yet need a money of out of it. I think Blogging won’t be a profession in India for the following reasons.

  • What you going to Blog about? What Michael Arrington or Om Malik wrote, Whose going to read that.
  • You can express yourself, but you’d never be able to build a traffic that can lure ads from regular big players sites.
  • IT infratructure wise we are not even in the Top 100 countries.
  • Most Indians still use the for personal purposes, excluding looking for nude pictures women.
  • E-mail, Cricket Forum, Pics of Cars, Chatting what else is there to internet?

It’s not a bad thing that we blog, but I think making it a profession in India is taking it a bit too far.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006 / Ishan

Six Apart Buys Rojo

Six Apart Buys Rojo

Six Apart Buys Rojo

Six Apart Buys Rojo

Is it really worth it? Bloggers Block perhaps.

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Monday, September 4, 2006 / Ishan

Rest In Peace

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 / Ishan

Techcrunch: Too Big For It’s Own Self

First there was a nice Blog, very nice one, we felt it was there for us. Then it got bigger, so much so that it had its brothers and sisters. Now we are at stage where the friendly blog has become a Monster driven by the greed of the green. Is there anything wrong with ads? No, if you ask me, but if you forget what it was all about and it sacrifises its essence then I think we have a problem. It’s so typical of IT world, when you’re new, you are for the people. Then those people take you to higher places, so high that you start to look down upon them and forget whats its all about. Then the very same people take other people who can achieve higher grounds. The the classic fight begins.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 / Ishan

Linux Is Good But Which One?

With Ubuntu, Linux has seen a rise in popularity however it’s still a pretty much for those who hold an elite knowledge of systems and this is where my problem starts. I believe in Smartism, a concept that technology is nothing unless it’s for the good of humanity. Whats the point of having something which 99% of people whom it is meant for can’t use?

I had a wonderful experience of working on such platforms as RedHat, Fedora and Ubuntu. These OS provides vast capabilities that cannot be achieved in your, ahem! generic OS like Windows. But I find a discrepency, on one hand they love their elusive and elitist tag and still try to compete in the mainstream market. This is one reason I am not anti Microsoft and Apple, their approach is to serve the people.

I think Linux is a good thing for computing and IT professional, I certainly can’t think of it’s cons but they must mark their priorities. Too many option is certainly a bad thing in the case of OS. They must go the Apple way and decide on the basis of 80:20 ration. Only have features that are used by 80% of the user group.

Linux people, make a plan and stick to it.

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Monday, August 28, 2006 / Ishan

Google: Will Ambitions Bite The Nails Of Success?

Google has launched it’s ambitions Online Office Suite. In doing so they are biting into territory that Microsoft holds very dearly. MS Office is by far one of the most profitable software package outside Asian countries (read Piracy). The software tools were available as standalone Beta products for a while now in very Google tradition of software lifecycle. However packaging them as suite is more of a marketing tool in a big bad corporate war, a one which I support and endorse.

I don’t ‘hate’ Microsoft, but in general I don’t like the fact they compete more than they innovate. To be honest, since I am not a software producer, only a user I don’t care too much how they go about their business. But they slack off and it’s a very disturbing attitude. They have been charging way too much money for some very mediocre products.

Google has changed the way people use the Internet. I used to have 5-6 email accounts, but I can’t believe I haven’t signed for a new email address since the arrival of Gmail. Google products are simple and they do the job. They don’t use fanciness to hide for lack of innovation. What more Google Products are free services with the least_annoyance_possible ads. However, they have a big task ahead if they want to compete with MS. It’s hard to change people’s habit, next to impossible task.

Google is taking a head on battle, instead they should have gone the conservative but effective way. They should have started with students, bundle and market these packages among students who’d go on to become key decision makers in corporate environment. It’s not very difficult to win students, they are more open, advanced and in general smarter in terms of technology than say mid 40s Executive Managers. Classic example being Apple¬† whose first gen niche market has led to increase in 14% of overall sales. ¬†

I wish Google success. So far their offering seems to be in the interest of the user but for them to sustain they must first consolidate and then go on a full fledged war.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006 / Ishan

Western World Is Losing In War On Terror

The paranoia that surrounds the mind of authorities in Western World is quite troubling. They seem to have the gadgets, tool, money etc but they seem to be lacking guts. The recent drama surrounding incidents involving detaining of 12 Indian men was shambolic display of management by The Dutch authorities.

I feel for those poor souls living in fear. Sometimes instead of being afraid of death its better to embrace life as it is. The Terrorist want them to live a life full of terror and it seems that they are. Air Travel security has always been a big issue for various law enforcing agencies. It’s not a post 9/11 phenomenon but the general fear seems to take steps beyond the realms of rationale.

Fighting terrorism is not hard, understanding it is. Seems like this fight is being stereotypes and US Govt is using it as a tool to achieve their various imperialistic agendas. Profiling a particular race will only increase the hatred and would sow newer seeds to vengeance.