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Monday, October 23, 2006 / Ishan

Firefox 2 Is Out

The release of Firefox 2 is creating more buzz, at least on the internet. It is a fair estimate that most of the people who blog and read blogs are avid Firefox user. The new version 2 is not as radical change as 1.5 was from 1, but it’s stronger and faster than it’s predecessor. The real time spell check is a killer addition and it’s a must have for those who post a lot of comments on the internet and more so for people who use email (non gmail mostly) for formal communication. Anti-phishing mechanism helped by Google is a further essential enhancement which was ignored in standard browsers.

The interface is changed and new glossy buttons are introduced which are fairly OK not as innovative as IE7. The most significant improvement is the tab bar. Each tab now features it’s own close ‘ x ‘ button which is dimmed when tab is not highlighted or in use. Firefox 2 derives two of it’s killer functionality from Opera 9, the re-open recently closed tab and restore crashed browser session is a must in modern day browser. This is something IE7 will struggle to incorporate soon. However, the back of Gecko is more or less the same as 1.5 but significant and radical improvements are expected for Firefox 3 for which work has already begun.

All in all Firefox 2 is a reasonable release, good enough to retain it’s best browser tag. The caching of pages seems better, the back and forward button functionality is improved. What more it’s still the most customizable browser out there and for me such a software will always be a winner.


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