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Thursday, October 19, 2006 / Ishan

IE7 Is Good

I have to admit I am more than impressed with the new Internet Explorer. In spite of the fact that it’s the least original browser it gets the job done and it is good enough to provide a good browsing experience for generic users. However the big question will remain where do we go from here. Mozilla Firefox has the best rendering engine in form of Gecko, Opera will always lead the innovation field but only if they could work on their rendering engine. It’s not their fault it’s just most developers for reasons beyond comprehension stick to age old standards.

In terms of UI, IE7 is a stand out. The real estate management is exception and is by far the better looking browser. The icons are placed intuitively and they have managed to remove the clutter on tool bars. However the features like Feed Reader is borrowed from Flock, it’s a developing technology and I think so far Firefox’s live bookmark remains the better solution.

The best thing about IE7 is that it will push Mozilla and Opera even harder. It remains to be seen how much development cycle IE7 will take, the user based community has proven to be the ideal platform for innovation, while people at MS spent half their time fixing security loops. But relief for generic users, you should be more than happy to welcome IE7.


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