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Monday, October 16, 2006 / Ishan

IE 7 Is Coming, But Is It The Future?

Soon Microsoft Corporation will announce a launch date for it’s much anticipated update to Internet Explorer browser. To be precise it’s taking them more than 7 years to take a version leap, people at Flock should take some solace. Apparently IE 7 will settle the browser war, sounds much like a Death Star in intergalactic war of browser.

For many people browser is internet and for much more people they couldn’t care less about which browser they are using. Open check the stuff, end off. However, it’s not any wonder that people who use non IE based browser tend to get less spyware or malware on their computers, blame IE and their less than pathetic technology.Microsoft hasn’t done any serious development on their browser band and in my books it takes away all the credibility. For ages now they have been hiding under the excuse that since IE is the most popular browser it gets more threats, of course true, however whats their excuse on ignoring IE development for some years now? Unless you consider issuing patches as development.

The reason why IE is going 7 is simple, Mozilla Firefox. Arguably the best browser out their. With it’s dedicated non- profit based development team Mozilla is defining the path for what browser should be like. Their next step is intelligent browsing, they are not content to see ‘tabs’ and ‘RSS’ feed. They are trying to bring a semantic organization of data in their approach, something Flock hinted at doing but it never seemed to be eventuating.

In spite of the fact that IE 7 will bring the initiative back to MS in browser war, they lack the collective intellect and creativity of people at Mozilla (very personal opinion based on user experience with out scientific evidence of course) But for the sake of competition I am delighted to have IE up and fighting. Let the real Internet war begins, only if Mozilla could take up arms against rather crappy Windows Live Messenger. Alas!


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