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Tuesday, October 10, 2006 / Ishan

Ok, So Goog Tube, What’s The Deal

Not many company go out and buy their competitors. Ever since Eric Schimdt conceptualized that web service can replace desktop software the world of I.T. has changed. We now interact more via the internet to keep up to date our social lives. YouTube for me revolutionized web in technology. Streaming audio and video was always a problem, finding right and proper codec was always a problem hence streaming therefore watching anything streamed on the web. The best way was to download but that always was a issue with DRM.

People at YouTube must be thanked for thinking outside the square, they looked outside the square and converted media files in flash files, bloody amazing idea yet so simple. I wonder why didn’t I, as in me, cause I did it as a assignment while at University. But then good thing happen to smart people, ready to take risk.

Ok, now to business side. I think YouTube will gain a lot, they are off it right when the DRM was hotting up as a issue. Let see now how Google handles all the music videos, movie excerpts and world full of videos. If they take them down, they’ll surely lose the number traffic site, it would then be passed on to some other indie site like


I would be more than surprised if people won’t want to pay them some money for showing their licensed stuff on their site. But then, it’s Google and I am more than sure they know what they have done.

Just on a vague note when Vince McMahon bought his wrestling competitor organization people thought it was a new era of prosperity in sports entertainment, but currently wrestling entertainment is in a sorry state.


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