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Saturday, September 9, 2006 / Ishan

Blogging A Career? Not In India, Atleast Now!

A recent seminar of Bloggers were held in Bangalore. It was apparently a very succesful event and congratulations to the organizers. I did not participated in it, cause I wasn’t aware. Even if I would have been I would have not attended. Blogging is good and most of us do it primarily as an expression, we don’t yet need a money of out of it. I think Blogging won’t be a profession in India for the following reasons.

  • What you going to Blog about? What Michael Arrington or Om Malik wrote, Whose going to read that.
  • You can express yourself, but you’d never be able to build a traffic that can lure ads from regular big players sites.
  • IT infratructure wise we are not even in the Top 100 countries.
  • Most Indians still use the for personal purposes, excluding looking for nude pictures women.
  • E-mail, Cricket Forum, Pics of Cars, Chatting what else is there to internet?

It’s not a bad thing that we blog, but I think making it a profession in India is taking it a bit too far.


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