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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 / Ishan

Linux Is Good But Which One?

With Ubuntu, Linux has seen a rise in popularity however it’s still a pretty much for those who hold an elite knowledge of systems and this is where my problem starts. I believe in Smartism, a concept that technology is nothing unless it’s for the good of humanity. Whats the point of having something which 99% of people whom it is meant for can’t use?

I had a wonderful experience of working on such platforms as RedHat, Fedora and Ubuntu. These OS provides vast capabilities that cannot be achieved in your, ahem! generic OS like Windows. But I find a discrepency, on one hand they love their elusive and elitist tag and still try to compete in the mainstream market. This is one reason I am not anti Microsoft and Apple, their approach is to serve the people.

I think Linux is a good thing for computing and IT professional, I certainly can’t think of it’s cons but they must mark their priorities. Too many option is certainly a bad thing in the case of OS. They must go the Apple way and decide on the basis of 80:20 ration. Only have features that are used by 80% of the user group.

Linux people, make a plan and stick to it.

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