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Monday, August 28, 2006 / Ishan

Google: Will Ambitions Bite The Nails Of Success?

Google has launched it’s ambitions Online Office Suite. In doing so they are biting into territory that Microsoft holds very dearly. MS Office is by far one of the most profitable software package outside Asian countries (read Piracy). The software tools were available as standalone Beta products for a while now in very Google tradition of software lifecycle. However packaging them as suite is more of a marketing tool in a big bad corporate war, a one which I support and endorse.

I don’t ‘hate’ Microsoft, but in general I don’t like the fact they compete more than they innovate. To be honest, since I am not a software producer, only a user I don’t care too much how they go about their business. But they slack off and it’s a very disturbing attitude. They have been charging way too much money for some very mediocre products.

Google has changed the way people use the Internet. I used to have 5-6 email accounts, but I can’t believe I haven’t signed for a new email address since the arrival of Gmail. Google products are simple and they do the job. They don’t use fanciness to hide for lack of innovation. What more Google Products are free services with the least_annoyance_possible ads. However, they have a big task ahead if they want to compete with MS. It’s hard to change people’s habit, next to impossible task.

Google is taking a head on battle, instead they should have gone the conservative but effective way. They should have started with students, bundle and market these packages among students who’d go on to become key decision makers in corporate environment. It’s not very difficult to win students, they are more open, advanced and in general smarter in terms of technology than say mid 40s Executive Managers. Classic example being Apple  whose first gen niche market has led to increase in 14% of overall sales.  

I wish Google success. So far their offering seems to be in the interest of the user but for them to sustain they must first consolidate and then go on a full fledged war.

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