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Saturday, August 26, 2006 / Ishan

Western World Is Losing In War On Terror

The paranoia that surrounds the mind of authorities in Western World is quite troubling. They seem to have the gadgets, tool, money etc but they seem to be lacking guts. The recent drama surrounding incidents involving detaining of 12 Indian men was shambolic display of management by The Dutch authorities.

I feel for those poor souls living in fear. Sometimes instead of being afraid of death its better to embrace life as it is. The Terrorist want them to live a life full of terror and it seems that they are. Air Travel security has always been a big issue for various law enforcing agencies. It’s not a post 9/11 phenomenon but the general fear seems to take steps beyond the realms of rationale.

Fighting terrorism is not hard, understanding it is. Seems like this fight is being stereotypes and US Govt is using it as a tool to achieve their various imperialistic agendas. Profiling a particular race will only increase the hatred and would sow newer seeds to vengeance.


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