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Monday, August 21, 2006 / Ishan

This Is What It’s All About

The Whole Web 2.0 “Boom” is about AJAX enabled web page with RSS Feed in a neatly designed layout having phrases like

“share citizen-media life-hacks”

“integrate authentic folksonomies”

“integrate viral value”

“capture rich-client platforms”

“design data-driven synergies”

“create Cluetrain communities”

“engage citizen-media weblogs”

“harness rich-client weblogs”

“create blogging life-hacks”

“create embedded life-hacks”

“beta-test authentic weblogs”

“integrate blogging weblogs”

and more

I am all for better by design, but I think some people are taking it a way too far and I won’t be surprise if there is a crash coming soon.

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