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Friday, August 18, 2006 / Ishan

Google Listens!

Just days after I put up my crybaby post about Google getting slow they have updated all the products I mentioned. Now, you my loyal readers now you know how much seriously I am taken on these God-damn Tubes.

On it’s first anniversary the new and updated GTalk lets you do fantastic things such as transfer files. The UI must be designed by a database guy who is not interested at all on how things appear as long as they work. I used to do the same, but for multi billion dollar company isn’t it a bit emabarassing to make such fundamental mistakes or we are being already taken for granted?

Blogger again has just fine tuned some nuts and bolts, though I am not going to jump too much into it’s review as it’s believed some of new features will be rolled out very soon. So far, judging by current new features I won’t leave WordPress even if they double my AdSense amount. However it should be a relief that atleast the Beta-Blogger is now on the same lap as WP

I am pleased with Writely. Sign up and you will know why I am so keenly waiting for it. I haven’t tested the complex Wordprocessor formatting but so far it looks solid. Thank You Google as there is no-lag-time-in-you-typing-and-it- appearing on screen.


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