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Friday, August 4, 2006 / Ishan

An Excellent Resource For Free Software

File Hippo is a website I just came across that makes finding and downloading free software simple and effortless! It is organized into categories like browsers and plugins, anti-spyware, audio and video, and the list goes on an on. Essentially, if you’re looking for any type of software, File Hippo will most certainly have a category for it filled with different options. Best of all, the software is free. After stumbling across this, I think it will become my “go to” site for freeware. Here’s why…

One of the first features I noticed was their RSS feeds. RSS feeds have become an essential part of my day to make sorting through information that’s important to me a little bit easier. File Hippo provides feeds for updates, categories, and individual programs. Convenience is something I like, and this is sure a convenience.

Another feature that was attractive is the fact that they keep old versions of programs! Sometimes when I get a new version of a program only to find that the bugs haven’t been worked out, I want to go back to a previous version. At times, this can be hard to come by. No more wasted time trying to track down old versions of a program that aren’t available anymore.

Organization of a site and simply the looks of it are always important to me. While File Hippo has a simple user interface, it’s organized well and easy to find what you’re looking for. At the top of the website, they have a “latest updates” as well as a “most popular
downloads” section. They claim to focus only on the best software so while quantity isn’t in large abundance, quality is. They also have a filtering feature that will show you only Freeware and/or Non-beta software.

Finally, one of the greatest reasons I’ve been intrigued with File Hippo is because downloading is super simple, and there are no popups or spyware. Downloading software these days without popups or spyware is almost unheard of. This is a breath of fresh air when you’re able to download without getting attacked by popups.

Here are my top picks in no particular order:

  • Anti-Virus: AVG Free Edition 7.1.394
  • Audio and Video: Winamp 5.2.5
  • CD and DVD Tools: DVD Decrypter
  • Messaging and Chat: Google Talk
  • Imaging: Picasa 2.5
  • Firewalls and Security: Sygate Personal Firewall

File Hippo is a great resource in helping you to find quality freeware that you’re interested in and it’s simple and easy to use. Check it out!

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