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Sunday, July 30, 2006 / Ishan

Landga Tyagi: The Bastard We All Know But Can't Describe

Personally I think Langda Tyagi is the most inspired performance since Paresh Rawal’s Sardar. In between I can’t think of any actor getting in the soul of a character like this. Langda is a bit of Jack Sparrow and Bill the Butcher at the same time, which means quality. The best thing was, for the entire movie Saif killed himself to become Langda. When he called SMS “assum kar dena” in Car with Omi that sealed it for him.

The general wisdom in Bollywood is to be yourself. People appreciate certain mannerism and as an actor you incorporate that in your role. No one dares to become the character. Bachchan and SRK are exceptional at this. They will always be themselves in that character. It would be that character becomes them than otherwise, if you know
what I mean.

Saif has broken that, to be honest even Aamir Khan falls in trap for this at many times. In between Cyrus, Shekhar and Ishwar Tyagi there are too many colors on display, instead of various shades of blue.

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