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Friday, July 28, 2006 / Ishan

Windows Live Messenger The Kiddie Business

I don’t have any issues against any product trying to lure in any demographic. However take a look over at the official WLM Blog. These guys seem to be losing the plot day in night out. They talk about Greetings, Celebrations, Birthdays, Display Pic. One developer even registers the coolness of WLM. I am pretty sure if I show these teens that MSN team is chasing Adium, there would be nothing left for them.

Microsoft seriously needs to put some credible developers at helm. The Live transformation has been chaotic to say the least,  lots of functionalities, even the basic ones like showing Display Pic is buggy. Try putting a file in your buddy’s shared folder and you will know what I mean. I think focuss these days at Redmond is to make the best bloatware out there. It’s a shame.

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