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Monday, July 24, 2006 / Ishan

I Love To Chat

If you’re reading this I am sure you too. Often, there are days when I find myself communicating more through chat then speaking to people on the phone or in person. This gives a way lot on importance to chat client. From my unscientific survey I have deduced that people usually don’t care about client, they mostly want to see what other person is stating or communicating. Needless to say we mostly use MSN/ Windows Live Messenger ( WLM) for chatting.

I find WLM like a Light Commercial Vehicle, it’s rugged, gets the job done, has stiff interiors. Though this vehicle helps me achieve my objective but it doesn’t make my driving experience more pleasurable. So I did a bit of research and discovered that world of chatting is filled with Luxury cars, that have air-con, cushion seating, and a music player. Wow! Would you wanna drive that car? I do.

The idea of any chat client is to reliably and securely enable users to exchange text. The focuses will always be on the text. This is the biggest weakness of WLM, the focuss area by default is too cluttered. (See Below for a typical MSN Chat Screen)

If both parties are using similar color fonts, it’s nearly impossible to read without the radius of retina exploding. Apple Software developers have led the way in User Interface (UI ) design for some time now. They have found a way in adding remarkable clarity to the chat window, they’ve achieved this by putting the text in rectangular boxes that not only double up as eye candy but yields an excellent UI invention. If you put the text in a box the eye has to focuss less on creating its virtual boundry. (See Below clarity in text)

So if you like to have smartness added to you chat I strongly recommend Pandion. Although it’s not the most usable client yet, for that you should opt for Adium if you have a Mac OS X. I mean In future I am going to provocate Mac. I have used it once and after a week I became an addict, it’s the best computer in all areas. Currently I am saving to own a Mac.

One last thing, once you have got Pandion and if you want to use it, it’s best that you register with Jabber. Which is like a free network which enables you to chat to anyone irrrespective of service they are on. It’s like email of chat. However, you have excuse that no one you know uses such things, well I do and let me know if in anyway I can help you. All said and done, once you give it a try then what I have written will make more sense.

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