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Sunday, July 23, 2006 / Ishan

Hello and Welcome

Hi Everyone, Thanks for dropping by

So I am ready to roll out my blog. I am looking forward to sharing my ideas, views and reviews with everyone. I feel in this day and age it’s getting more and more important that data and information remain in the interest of everyone and it should not be manipulated by Organizations or Government. No I don’t have a propaganda but only agenda to express myself.

So why a Blog? Well, its cheap and its free :-). I used to have a blog over at Blogspot, but felt I can do better with WordPress, actually I can. So this is not being about cool and fancy pants, even if it is, I don’t mind 😉 Some encouragement from friends is a major factor too.

I hope to keep you entertained in future, should you take some time to come over I’d ensure that you go away feeling that the light can be a bit brighter, Or otherwise.

Thank You



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  1. Rishi / Jul 24 2006 12:11 am

    Gr8. Will be checking it out if i have low voltage or otherwise ;-).

  2. ishkash / Jul 24 2006 12:18 am

    Good to see you developing a real Sense of Humour. Is it because of travsety inflicted via womenkind or listening to Silkaiyya music?

  3. Ami / Jul 24 2006 4:30 am

    Well i havnt read through it , but knowin u as i do i am positive it will b a worthwhile.

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