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Thursday, March 9, 2006 / Ishan

Instant Messengers, Nothing Great on Windows

Nothing can beat a Mac and its iChat in terms of look. Its reliable fast and stable. In terms of popularity nothing comes close to Windows MSN Messenger. However its not the best prduct around, its more like a clunky and bulky but then its very popular. One more thing they are developing a new version and to be honest its just minor upgrades in UI. What really annoys me the level of innovation at MS. They seriously need to hire some talent.

Yahoo messenger is quite popular and it has some of the best feratures out there. However, it seriously lacks in UI department and it gives that primitive feel of 1990’s. The best option out there is Trillian. It uses a cross platform multiuser channel which uses the standard XMPP protocol developed by Jabber. I have had a good experience using Trillian and Pandium. They both provide very good, clean and simple UI.


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