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Wednesday, February 1, 2006 / Ishan

Windows Live Mail

I got an invite from MSN to using their new, well not so new on the web anyway Live Mail. I was surprised to get a VIP treatment from MS, as in normal terms they never reply to my “help” emails. Anyway, the whole“Live” thing is a big wake-up-knee-jerk reaction to what Google has managed to achieve over the years. Google as given simplicity a whole new meaning, the’ve prooved people dont go for colours, they need performance.

Unfortunately MS hasn’t learnt much from that. The Live thing is full of colours and they sound fancy but they still lack performance. The whole thing AJAX is good for web-mail, only if the concept is write. I wont comment on it too soon as its still in cliched Beta. But I am not much impressed to switch back to MS.


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  1. tarun luthra / Jul 23 2006 9:38 am

    i ve tested live mail too it has lots of troubles in it firslty its really slow n it cant run on p3 computer so its a fall bak in the first place it has got many other issues wit it aswell i experienced that to chek my mails i needed to wait for 10-15 mins wit no succes i informed msn ppl abt the prbs that i faced but they cdnt fix this up the major prb i was facin wit windows live was wenever i tried changing the color scheme some or the other button on the panel would not function n it was really irritatin n
    i gav windows live mail another try but its not any worht now i ve shifted bak to hotmail only

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