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Tuesday, July 10, 2007 / Ishan

Do we really need micro-blogging

The recent rise in popularity of Twitter has left me in a confused state. All of a sudden all my geek friends are on twitter and talking about their tweets. It’s a very basic concept of where one person writes a few sentence about what he or she is doing at the moment. It could reflect the mood they are in, it could be an update on their project work, random though or just about anything.

I really don’t know if we need this kind of service, obviously it’s a new fancy tool but then most of the IM’s cater this user need. I usually leave a status message on my IM so that people know what I am upto and most of my friends do the same. I really don’t need to know what they have eaten for breakfast and guess what, if I really need to know I can ask them via e-mail on leaving an IM.

With AJAX becoming paltform of Web 2.0 things are changing fast, we are getting used to new paradigms of social interaction. The remote sharing of personal data among a non peer group section with common interest has become backbone for web revenue model. Facebook and YouTube certainly have changed the dynamics, but they haven’t re-invented the wheel, they have just made it easier to put on the cars.

I sincerely wish the entrpreneurs behind Web 2.0 movement focuss on building the basics first than going for new gimmick to catch attention. How can we forget dot com boom, when everyone thought they could sell everything on the net. Same for Web 2.0, just having cool AJAX tools on website won’t make it cool in the long run.

Monday, October 23, 2006 / Ishan

Firefox 2 Is Out

The release of Firefox 2 is creating more buzz, at least on the internet. It is a fair estimate that most of the people who blog and read blogs are avid Firefox user. The new version 2 is not as radical change as 1.5 was from 1, but it’s stronger and faster than it’s predecessor. The real time spell check is a killer addition and it’s a must have for those who post a lot of comments on the internet and more so for people who use email (non gmail mostly) for formal communication. Anti-phishing mechanism helped by Google is a further essential enhancement which was ignored in standard browsers.

The interface is changed and new glossy buttons are introduced which are fairly OK not as innovative as IE7. The most significant improvement is the tab bar. Each tab now features it’s own close ‘ x ‘ button which is dimmed when tab is not highlighted or in use. Firefox 2 derives two of it’s killer functionality from Opera 9, the re-open recently closed tab and restore crashed browser session is a must in modern day browser. This is something IE7 will struggle to incorporate soon. However, the back of Gecko is more or less the same as 1.5 but significant and radical improvements are expected for Firefox 3 for which work has already begun.

All in all Firefox 2 is a reasonable release, good enough to retain it’s best browser tag. The caching of pages seems better, the back and forward button functionality is improved. What more it’s still the most customizable browser out there and for me such a software will always be a winner.

Thursday, October 19, 2006 / Ishan

IE7 Is Good

I have to admit I am more than impressed with the new Internet Explorer. In spite of the fact that it’s the least original browser it gets the job done and it is good enough to provide a good browsing experience for generic users. However the big question will remain where do we go from here. Mozilla Firefox has the best rendering engine in form of Gecko, Opera will always lead the innovation field but only if they could work on their rendering engine. It’s not their fault it’s just most developers for reasons beyond comprehension stick to age old standards.

In terms of UI, IE7 is a stand out. The real estate management is exception and is by far the better looking browser. The icons are placed intuitively and they have managed to remove the clutter on tool bars. However the features like Feed Reader is borrowed from Flock, it’s a developing technology and I think so far Firefox’s live bookmark remains the better solution.

The best thing about IE7 is that it will push Mozilla and Opera even harder. It remains to be seen how much development cycle IE7 will take, the user based community has proven to be the ideal platform for innovation, while people at MS spent half their time fixing security loops. But relief for generic users, you should be more than happy to welcome IE7.

Monday, October 16, 2006 / Ishan

IE 7 Is Coming, But Is It The Future?

Soon Microsoft Corporation will announce a launch date for it’s much anticipated update to Internet Explorer browser. To be precise it’s taking them more than 7 years to take a version leap, people at Flock should take some solace. Apparently IE 7 will settle the browser war, sounds much like a Death Star in intergalactic war of browser.

For many people browser is internet and for much more people they couldn’t care less about which browser they are using. Open check the stuff, end off. However, it’s not any wonder that people who use non IE based browser tend to get less spyware or malware on their computers, blame IE and their less than pathetic technology.Microsoft hasn’t done any serious development on their browser band and in my books it takes away all the credibility. For ages now they have been hiding under the excuse that since IE is the most popular browser it gets more threats, of course true, however whats their excuse on ignoring IE development for some years now? Unless you consider issuing patches as development.

The reason why IE is going 7 is simple, Mozilla Firefox. Arguably the best browser out their. With it’s dedicated non- profit based development team Mozilla is defining the path for what browser should be like. Their next step is intelligent browsing, they are not content to see ‘tabs’ and ‘RSS’ feed. They are trying to bring a semantic organization of data in their approach, something Flock hinted at doing but it never seemed to be eventuating.

In spite of the fact that IE 7 will bring the initiative back to MS in browser war, they lack the collective intellect and creativity of people at Mozilla (very personal opinion based on user experience with out scientific evidence of course) But for the sake of competition I am delighted to have IE up and fighting. Let the real Internet war begins, only if Mozilla could take up arms against rather crappy Windows Live Messenger. Alas!

Thursday, October 12, 2006 / Ishan

Google Being Aggressive

With YouTube already in the bag, Google is now after Facebook. Although logic would suggest that they already have their own social network in form of Orkut (which they bought as well) so lets build on that. However, Facebook is the definitive online social networking tool it has the right element of UI and concept.

The trend to purchase excellent software/ service bundle is not uncommon. Those who many equate it with web2.0 boom should think again. Microsoft and Yahoo have been masters of purchasing good others developed. So with a company having all star engineers like Google has one would expect a bit more, but then the competitive model of the web has pretty much remained the same and I do realize that economic forces and market drive the technological innovations.

In last three months Google has really moved ahead of any other web based company. They have added software and service to their giant stature and most of them are pretty useful. But when a company becomes as big as Google has, the question that needs to be asked is how far and for how long? I hope Google knows what happened with one other very famous IT Company obsessed with ‘housing items’ 😉

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 / Ishan

Ok, So Goog Tube, What’s The Deal

Not many company go out and buy their competitors. Ever since Eric Schimdt conceptualized that web service can replace desktop software the world of I.T. has changed. We now interact more via the internet to keep up to date our social lives. YouTube for me revolutionized web in technology. Streaming audio and video was always a problem, finding right and proper codec was always a problem hence streaming therefore watching anything streamed on the web. The best way was to download but that always was a issue with DRM.

People at YouTube must be thanked for thinking outside the square, they looked outside the square and converted media files in flash files, bloody amazing idea yet so simple. I wonder why didn’t I, as in me, cause I did it as a assignment while at University. But then good thing happen to smart people, ready to take risk.

Ok, now to business side. I think YouTube will gain a lot, they are off it right when the DRM was hotting up as a issue. Let see now how Google handles all the music videos, movie excerpts and world full of videos. If they take them down, they’ll surely lose the number traffic site, it would then be passed on to some other indie site like


I would be more than surprised if people won’t want to pay them some money for showing their licensed stuff on their site. But then, it’s Google and I am more than sure they know what they have done.

Just on a vague note when Vince McMahon bought his wrestling competitor organization people thought it was a new era of prosperity in sports entertainment, but currently wrestling entertainment is in a sorry state.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006 / Ishan

Mobile Phones Heading In The Wrong Direction

I think Mobile Phones are going the direction of Instant Messaging. They have quite easily become a bloatware, I recently visited a Nokia store to change batteries on my 6610i. To my shock I salesman bamboozled with his non stop speil that was selling on features and more features. To be honest I haven’t been a big fan of convergence, to me things cannot converge unless they are fully evolved and matured. Mobile phones still use 2G technology in India and they are relatively weak battery operated instruments. The battery life are less that satisfying. Instead of making adding numerous feature of mediocre functioning I’d prefer one good cell phone thats easy to talk and send text with.